• For classroom management I set my expectations high for the students. We will go continually review our classroom rules and discuss why they are important to the classroom environment. 

    For unwanted behaviors, Mrs. Lynn and I will redirect the student, talk through any problems, and create solutions together. We are here to help the students make good choices and learn the necessary social skills to excel in school. 

    The classroom expectations are:

    • Be safe 
    • Be kind 
    • Be responsible

    Our goal is for every student to be safe, feel safe and to learn! 

    We encourage our students to solve social issues that arise throughout the day using problem solving skills and conversations with each other. We are building a community within the classroom and the school that involves working together!

    If there are behaviors that are creating a consistent problem in the classroom, I will call home or send home a note to discuss with the parents how we can work together to solve the problem.

    I encourage parents to send notes, call, or email me about any questions or concerns. We are a team!

    At Home Expectations: 

    Orange Folders: Your student will have a folder come back and forth between school and home. This is how we will send home important information. Please check the folder daily.