Arts For All Students

  • The arts play a fundamental role in the curriculum at Southland College Prep.

    The goal of our arts initiative is to prepare the students to be well-rounded artists and creative humanitarians as they move on to college and then life beyond.  We believe that fine arts are important for all students because they develop our students' literacy and critical thinking skills, help close achievement gaps, increase students' liklihood to graduate, and make them appealing to as applicants to colleges and universities. Students exposed to the arts tend to have a great deal of self-esteem, work well with others, and work well in large settings. 

    We offer the unique opportunity to experience a wide range of genres and multicultural artistic expressions, and our students gain a vast knowledge of the use and need for artistic expression in every major culture. Students take an in depth look at our American experience and artistic styles and genres, considering the theoretical and historical perspective of how the arts have evolved and developing an understanding of our collective and individual cultural contributions. 

    Our student body is highly involved in every endeavor of the arts that the school offers. We have 75% of our student body involved in our performing arts programs, which include drama, dance, visual arts, choir, and band. Southland boasts a unique experience for students to work with teachers who are artists themselves, in addition to being well respected in their teaching fields.  

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