Global Literature


    In Global Literature, students in grade twelve will continue to hone skills developed in their previous three years of English.  The course aims to prepare students for the rigorous analytical thinking, speaking, research and writing they will do in college.  Students will explore literature from around the world and global themes will be discussed with an eye for creating senior global ambassadors ready for college and beyond.  Students will also strengthen their expository writing abilities as they perfect the skill of formulating an argument, providing pertinent examples, and discussing these examples in detail. A required component of Global Literature is a yearlong senior capstone research project that will culminate with a problem/solution research paper demonstrating the body of work that has been assembled over the course of the year.  This project will be team-taught with the Global Issues instructor.  Global Literature also seeks to provide students with 21st century skills to be powerful and successful global public speakers via formal presentations, group discussions, debates, and a formal mock trial.

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