college counseling

College Counseling for Southland Students

  • Southland strives to ensure that all Southland students will be admitted to the colleges of their choice and will have the financial resources to make this college attendance a reality. We are achieving this goal. As of today’s date,100% of Southland’s graduating classes have been admitted to college, with more than $22 million in scholarships awarded to the Class of 2016.  

    Our process is personal and begins early in students' tenure at Southland. Please see some of the resources listed below, and watch for announcements from our College Counseling office about events and activities to help students and their parents through the process of college research, application, and attendance.

Preparing for College

  • Student Educational Programs

    This site lists a myriad of ways for students to enrich their experiences and education on the road to college, including internships, summer academic experiences, and more.


Finding a College

  • Naviance

    This is a key resource for students and parents in their road to college. You can also download an app for a smart phone - check out this video how-to HERE.

    In addition to a wide range of information on college admissions and financial aid, you can also watch this award-winning documentary on Naviance.

    College Navigator

    This IES site helps students identify the kinds of institution that appeal to each student.


    Another resource for finding the right college for you or your child.

Paying for College

  • Financial Aid Information

    These sites offer resources to help you plan for paying for college.

    FinAid: The Smart Students Guide to Financial Aid Scholarships 

    An overview of Financial Aid.

    Federal Student Aid

    This is the US Department of Education's overview of how to finance college and lists financial aid resources, including government and private sources of scholarships and loans.


    This Department of Education page explains the financial aid form required of every college and university in the admissions process.

    Sallie Mae - Plan for College

    ...and HERE is a longer list of specific opportunities and other resources.