• Here is some very important information that will ensure a successful P.E. year.

    1st students MUST have appropriate gym shoes. for example, shoes must be tie-lace shoes, or velcro. Zipper shoes, buckles, and slip ons are dangerous for physical exercise. I understand they are cute and often convenient ,however, they tend to fall off the students feet, especially once they are older or too big for the foot. Please no mid calf or knee length shoes. Again they are not designed for exercise. Next, if a student wears a skirt or dress they must have shorts or leggings underneath. Tights tend to be  see through and we do sit ups, scooters, rolls ect.. Pants/shorts must be able to be kept up without the student holding on to them. We often have many exercises that arms are raised high above the head, please check to make sure the students mid section stays covered. Students are allowed 1 NO DRESS excuse per quarter. Every NO DRESS after the 1st one will result in 2 point deduction from their grade. These points are cumulative. Excused reasons should include a written note from parent or doctor stating sickness, or injury( after 2 days in a row student must have a doctors note). Students also lose points if they are not following the directions of the given activity.

    Thank you in advance for your understanding and help in preparing your child for the best P.E. experience possible! If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me!