• Book Fair  

    Scholastic Book Fair


    Illinois School would like to thank everyone for visiting our "Arctic" Scholastic Book Fair!  We would also like to thank you for participating in our "All for Books" donation program.  This year our school raised a total of $423.32 for children, families, and classrooms in need of books.  Scholastic Book Fairs will match our monetary donation from the the Scholastic Possible Fund, which distributes books to children in need through organizations, such as, Kids In Need Foundation, Delivering Good, and the National Center for Families Learning.


    I am happy to announce that the classroom that raised the highest donation of $84.32, was Ms. Hockney's 6th grade homeroom.  Congratulations to those students!  Each student in the winning class earned a prize from the book fair.



    A Special Thank You!!!

    The Illinois School Media Center has received book donations through the KELLOGG'S FEEDING READING Program from the Martin Family.  Thank you for thinking of our students!!  We appreciate your donations!!