Daily Classroom Expectations


    Take Home Folder:

    Students will all receive a take home folder at the beginning of the school year. In this folder you will find:

    • daily behavior chart
    • homework assignments
    • first 100 sight word list- please practice for weekly assessments
    • important teacher notes- may include notes for a parent or guardian, field trip notes, etc.


    Please also include any questions or comments you have for me in this folder. Your student will bring their folder to me when asked to do so when picking them up from class.

    Daily Reading Requirement:

    Students are expected to visit the Raz Kids website every night for homework. Students should complete a minimum of two stories a night.

    This includes:

    • listening to the text
    • reading the text back
    • comprehension quiz



    Here in the Resource Room we start each day with the "Arcadia Pledge". In our classroom we have positive mindsets, always try our best, and are motivated to learn daily. It is our expectation that you arrive to school on time and help maintain a positive learning environment daily.


    I pledge today to my best,

    in reading, math, and all the rest.

    I promise  to obey the rules,

    in my class and in our school.

    I'll respect myself and others too,

    I'll expect the best in all I do.

    I am here to learn all I can,

    to try my best to be all I am.