• Phonics and Fluency Activities


         1.  Separate It – Students should “break apart” words into their sounds.
                                (Example: quiet = k/w/i/e/t)


         2.   Put It Together – Students should put together separate sounds to make words.    

                                (Example: f/l/a/g/z = flags)


         3.  Change It – Students should change a word into another word by changing only

                                one letter. (Example: lack becomes slack by adding an s)


         4.  Build It – Students should build words by adding different letters to the same

                                ending. (Example: -ip can become zip and skip)


         5.  Phrase It – Students should read sentences by phrases. (Example: She wrote a

                                letter to her friend.  =   She   wrote a letter     to her friend.)


         6.  Practice It – Students should time their reading for one minute, then read the

                                same material again for one minute. This should be repeated several

                                times. Each time, the students should be able to read further in the

                                same amount of time. This should be practiced both aloud and