Weekly Homework

    Every week your child's homework packet is in their orange folder.  The folder will be sent home on Tuesdays.  The homework is to be returned in the orange folder the following Monday. Homework will be due every week unless we do not have school.  The due date is noted on the newsletter.  A list of all sight words is included in the folder as well.


    We will begin the year by learning our daily routines.  We discuss the calendar and the weather of the day.  We will begin counting our days of school, and learning about place value and patterns. We will be measuring and observing shapes.


    This week we will be focusing on our classroom and school rules and procedures. We will be reading stories in which the students will be able to relate to, such as first days of kindergarten and the importance of being kind to one another.


    Social Studies 

    Learning about people and things in our community..



    At the beginning of the year, we are focusing on writing first names, letters of the alphabet and numbers 0-9.