•      Students selected to participate in the Reading Improvement Program will meet with a small group of students and the Reading Specialist to work on skills and strategies to improve reading. The following are the expectations for students in this program.


         Since the goal of the program is to improve each student's abilities, the participation and cooperation of each student is essential. Consequences of misbehavior include, but are not limited to verbal reprimands, seat changes, and phone calls home. Rewards for good behavior include game days, Eagle Bucks, and treat box treasures.


         Students will not receive a report card grade for Reading Improvement, but classroom teachers and parents/guardians will be notified of student progress.


         Homework will not ordinarily be assigned, but when it is, it is to be completed by the next group meeting. Failure to complete assignments may impede a student's progress and therefore may result in a consequence for misbehavior as noted above. Even when no homework has been assigned, students are expected to read a minimum of 20 - 30 minutes per day outside of school. Reading logs may be required. Reading done to fulfill a classroom teacher's requirement for recreational reading will also fulfill this expectation. (For example, if a classroom teacher assigns 20 minutes of nightly reading and that student is enrolled in the Reading Improvement Program, he/she is required to read 20 minutes nightly, not 40.) However, additional reading is always encouraged!