Learning more about PowerSchool

  • How do I navigate within PowerSchool?

    You can learn more by watching this video. You can also read this PowerSchool Users Manual or this free iBook.


    What can I see on PowerSchool site? 

    By logging onto PowerSchool, you may access a variety of information about your child(ren).  The information available to you includes:
    • grades and pending assignments for current classes
    • attendance for the past two weeks or the whole term 
    • teachers comments
    • email access to teachers, 
    • various reports via email
    (*) Note that if you do not see some of the above information when you log onto PowerSchool, it is because the information has not yet been entered by teachers and/or the school.

    Do I need a separate login for each of my children? 

    No, you can link all of your children under one account log-in.

    How do I get help? 

    You can contact also your student's school office with questions or email our help desk at helpdesk@sd162.org.