PowerSchool Information

  • PowerSchool Information

    PowerSchool is the software used by District 162 to maintain grades, attendance, and general information regarding its students.  PowerSchool has many great features that allow parents and students to track progress in each class and even receive alerts for things such as absences, missing assignments, and changes to grades. 


How to Get Access to PowerSchool

  • You must create a PowerSchool account which will allow you to view your child's grades, attendance, and more.

    Once you have an account, you can access PowerSchool from the home page of both the District site and any 162 school site (look for the A+ icon), or click HERE.


Learning more about PowerSchool

  • How do I navigate within PowerSchool?

    You can learn more by watching this video. You can also read this PowerSchool Users Manual or this free iBook.


    What can I see on PowerSchool site? 

    By logging onto PowerSchool, you may access a variety of information about your child(ren).  The information available to you includes:
    • grades and pending assignments for current classes
    • attendance for the past two weeks or the whole term 
    • teachers comments
    • email access to teachers, 
    • various reports via email
    (*) Note that if you do not see some of the above information when you log onto PowerSchool, it is because the information has not yet been entered by teachers and/or the school.

    Do I need a separate login for each of my children? 

    No, you can link all of your children under one account log-in.

    How do I get help? 

    You can contact also your student's school office with questions or email our help desk at helpdesk@sd162.org.