• All Art shows for the remainder of the 2019-2020 School year have been canceled.

    I am very proud of the work that my young artists have done this year. Their many accomplishments grow by leaps and bounds. Please continue to make art and develop as Artists.


    Listed below are the classroom codes for each Art class in google classroom.

    Kindergarten Breslin - zvfn5d4

    1st grade - Malone: ae7j7dn

    1st grade - Gloude: 5zx42i6

    2nd grade - Gawla: ugjrsdy

    2nd grade - Henderson: yokhx60

    3rd grade - Duh: sdefix2

    3rd grade - Glowacz: ykvt6ep

    4th grade - Chatman: wbydfs4

    4th grade - Baldermann: h6kfthe

    5th grade - Daniels: m7iuo2j

    5th grade - Strong: ljc6juj

    6th grade - Hockney: fuh6pff

    6th grade - Hatchett: uqbaxih

    8th grade - Wilder: kfa6rwr







    Susan Fulcher, from the Matteson Public Library, will be a visiting puppeteer from September 16th through April.  She will join Fiber Arts and grades Kindergarten, 3rd and 6th for the end-of-the-year puppet showcase.


    What do puppets, museums and Illinois School Students have in common?  

    The 2017 - 2018 Fiber Arts Club has been given the great honor to exhibit their parade puppets at The Ballard Institute and Museum of Puppetry. Students created the puppets during a year long in-depth collaboration with the Matteson Public Library.  These talented young artists marched in the Village of Matteson’s Memorial Day Parade proudly displaying two seven foot puppets--a knight in shining armor and a princess with flowing brown braids.

    The exhibition, entitled “Living Objects: African American Puppets,” runs from Oct. 25, 2018 through April 7, 2019.  It features the history of African Americans and the roles that puppetry played in society from slavery to the present.  The opportunity to participate in this historical storytelling is an accolade which will cement these young artists in the world of art history long after the exhibition ends.      

    BIMP is a public museum located at and operated by the University of Connecticut.  It houses one of the three largest and most prestigious puppetry collections in the United States. Its permanent collection has over 2,500 marionettes, glove puppets, rod puppets, shadow puppets, body puppets and stage materials from across the world.

    This is a once in a lifetime experience for our emerging artists, their parents and our School District 162 Family.  The students’ hard work and dedication has brought them to a new level of excellence. Congratulations.


    Hello Parents,

    Here is just a quick overview of the upcoming art shows for the 2019-2020 school year.


    Febuary - Matteson Public Library, Artistic Breezes

    March - Salon Artist Gallery,  Shades of  inspiration 

    April- Puppet Showcase (TBA)

             Park Forest recycle show (TBA)

    May - Illinois School Expo



    *Each show will be exhibited for one month, with the exception of the Puppetry Showcase.  The opening receptions will be announced at a later date.