• Dance Class Policy


    Southland College Prep High School 

    Policy and Procedures/Expectations

    Dance Class 

    TEACHERS: Mrs. Gloria L. Chatman, Fine Arts Department Chairperson, Coordinator of Dance             PHONE:  708-748-8105 Ext. 4154

                       Mr. Ricky Davis, Associate Dance Instructor

    ROOM: 121             E-MAIL:  gchatman@scphs.org and  ricky.davis@scphs.org

    band App; SCPHS Dancers



    This is a full year, 1-credit course 

    The dance classes are divided into four sections; Introduction to Dance, Beginning Dance, Intermediate Dance, and Advance Dance. Our dance classes are for students who possess a serious interest in further developing their dance technique and performance ability.  Students will be able to perform works of art, through the art of dance, using various styles from Classical Ballet, Tap, Modern, Jazz, Contemporary, Social and Ballroom. Students are required to adhere to Dance Class Policy in ordered to be considered for participation in in-school and outside performances. 


    Prerequisite: Audition, Prior Dance experience, and or Dance I


    1. To understand dance technique and theory
    2. To understand choreographic principles
    3. To understand qualities of movement
    4. To understand dance and performance etiquette 
    1. To develop cultural awareness via dance performance
    2. To understand dance as a vehicle for communication
    3.       To align our goals with the Common Core State Standards


    Greetings Dance Students,

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Dance/Movement Enrichment!  I am delighted to have you in my class. My name is Mrs. Gloria L. Chatman. This is my eleventh year at Southland.  I have been a dance teacher for over 40 years and the owner of my private dance studio, Danspiration Center, Inc. for the past 15 years. I love what I do, everyday and all day. My dance background includes Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern, Lyrical, Ballroom, Liturgical Dance, and Dance/Movement Therapy. 


    In order to make our time at SCPHS successful, my expectation is that everyone adheres to the following procedures:


    I have high expectations for a quality dance class, which consists of performance etiquette from every student. Our goal this year is to utilize the gift of dance to develop and produce a culminating performance that represents the quality and hard work reflected in the efforts and attitude of every dance student.  It is my philosophical stance that when given a stage or platform to speak (perform), that it is our responsibility to communicate a message to the audience that is not only entertaining, but leaves a positive lasting impression of information, impartation, and inspiration, regardless of the genre. 


    1. MAJOR Dance Performance /Assessments
    1. Pre and Post Testing (written assessment)
    1. Google Classroom Assignments
    1. Class/Google Meets Participation, Google Meets response
    2. Dance Dress code compliance
    4.       Point System. Each assignment is equally valuable; therefore all assignments are worth 100 points.
    1. Grading Scale

    All grades will be based on the school-wide grading policy. Specific rubrics will be given to correlate with each applicable dance project/performance.







    Exceeds Expectations; Independent learner; superior work; all work completed on time at an exceptional level of quality and effort; 



    Meets Expectations; Semi-independent learner; above average work; all work completed on time; did quality work with a few flaws; 



    Passing but does not meet some standards; Dependent learner; average work; most completed on time showing average effort; 



    Passing but only meets minimum standards; Dependent learner; average work; most completed on time showing average effort; 



    Failing, does not meet minimum standards; Failure; does not meet standards or expectations;

    1. Components of the grade include: 
    • Daily participation dress attire compliance/Google App Response
    • Dance technique/theory
    • Performance etiquette, choreography, and assessment
    • Written assignments and tests
    • Behavior, conduct, and Class/Remote Learning etiquette
    • Attendance and punctuality at rehearsals 


    1. Calculation of Semester Grade

    1st quarter grade  40%  

    2nd quarter grade 40%

    Semester Exam 20%  

    Final Semester Grade 100%


    1. Re-Do Policy
    2. Students will be given an opportunity to redo major course projects and 

    quizzes to meet standards.  The student must show that effort has been made to improve.  The redo opportunity will be rescinded if a student does not show effort or abuses redo opportunities.

    1. If a student chooses to redo an assignment or quiz, the highest grade will be given.  Deadline will be given for redo work.  If the student does not meet the redo deadline, the opportunity will be rescinded.

    2. Materials: Each student must bring the following to class daily:
    3. Notebook
    4. Pen and pencil
    5. Proper dance attire. Hair must be pulled back away from face and secured.
    6. Black Biker short/spank Unitard or leotard (no writing or logos)

    Tan or black dance tights, black leggings, slacks, and/or spanks

    Tan and Black Jazz shoes/(Dance Socks may be worn during class only.

    Tap shoes, Tap Board/Mat (for home, if needed)

    1. Daily Expectations

    Each student is expected to wear lightweight dance attire underneath uniform, and change in dance room to be on the dance floor within five minutes of tardy bell. Students will not dress in dancewear on shortened schedule days, and are required to be inside dance studio before the tardy bell rings.

    The student is expected to quietly enter dance studio, properly dressed. Place their belongings against wall or in garment bag. Take position at the assigned spot on dance floor, at least six feet apart from each other and teacher.

    The student is not allowed to leave the room without permission, once arrived.

    1. Make-Up Work Policy

    If student has an excused absence on the day an assignment/performance, he/she is allowed to submit assignment and/or perform within one week following his/her return to school. Student is allowed one outside extra credit assignment per semester. All regular assignments must be completed and submitted, in order to qualify to submit extra-credit work.

    1. Extra Credit Assignment: Student will receive extra credit upon approval, for assisting with costume wardrobe or production related preparation, assigned by Dance Coordinator.


    I expect M.O.R.E! (Moral Obligation to Respect Everyone)



    Respect everyone, including their opinions and belongings. Disrespect, rude, and disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. Any behavior that is disrespectful, and interferes with the rights of others, will result in a phone call to your parents and a detention or referral to the dean. No profanity, no chewing gum. No food or drink other than a (sipper) water bottle only, is allowed in the dance studio.


    Entering the Classroom:

    You are to enter the dance studio, on time, properly dressed in your dance attire and a clean mask/face covering that securely covers nose and mouth at all times, Clean hands and forearms with hand sanitizer immediately upon entering classroom, and Take position on the floor to begin warm-up at least six feet apart from others. Students participating in Remote Learning are expected to adhere to the same expectations accordingly. No bonnets, do rags, head coverings of  any kind, are to be worn during class. All Remote Learning participants must wear Proper dance attire, and attend Dance class in an appropriate dance space, preferably outside of the bedroom, or leisure space, if possible. All Remote Learners must display their live camera throughout the duration of the class time in order to be considered in attendance for class.


    Coming to Attention

    When I need to quiet the class, I will raise my hand.  When you see this you are expected to stop your conversation, look at me, and raise your hand.  This is only complete when all hands are raised, and class is quiet. Students participating in Remote Learning must use the “Raise Hand feature”, and adhere to the same expectations accordingly.


    Arriving Late

    You are late if you do not arrive with the rest of the class and the teacher from the locker room.

    When you enter the class late (with or without a pass), you need not disturb the class.  Simply place your pass on my desk, and begin warming up. Join in with your mic muted.



    On the day you return, one of the dance captains will be expected to assist you in covering what you missed.  Should captains be absent, another student will assist you.


    Using the Bathroom

    The bathroom may only be used  in emergencies. A pass is needed for leaving the class. Do not ask to use the bathroom for non-emergencies. Social Distance guidelines and proper handwashing, and face coverings, must be observed at all times during the In-person school day.


    Late/Missing Assignments 

    Will result in loss of points and must be completed at home. Students will contact parents via classroom phone if assignment is not submitted.  Students must submit their project by the next class, to receive up to 75% of your grade.


    Please Note:

    All procedures will be thoroughly and consistently rehearsed on a daily basis.

    CONTINUOUS SANITIZATION of the Dance room and observance of SCPHS guidelines will be adhered to at all times.



    1. Teacher Creed
    2. As your teacher I will not tolerate any student in this classroom stopping me from teaching for any reason whatsoever.
    3. As your teacher I will not tolerate any student in this classroom stopping another student from learning for any reason whatsoever.
    4. As your teacher I will not tolerate any student in this classroom doing anything that is not in the best interest of this class or in your best interest.

    Classroom Rules/Consequences

        • You must be on the dance floor in proper dance attire 10 minutes after the bell rings, ready to begin.

    No food, drink, or gum in the dance room, except a sport (sipper spout) water bottle. 

    NO HEAD COVERINGS OR ELECTRONIC DEVICES (Ipods, MP3 players, cell phones, CD players, headphones/earphones) are permitted in the classroom.  Failure to comply will result in confiscation according to our district policy.

    Talking will be permitted during group and class discussion ONLY.  During discussions only one person will speak at a time.  Verbal free-for-alls rarely promote learning.

    To be RESPECTFUL OF EACH OTHER, we don’t

    • Use profanity
    • Use racial slurs
    • Use put downs
    • Name call 
    • Interrupt a speaker
    • Yell
    • Laugh at the mistakes of others
    • Talk out of turn without permission
    • Touch the property of others
    • Tell anyone to shut up


    The following consequences will be given to any student who does not adhere to any policy or procedure set forth by the teacher or administrator. Students failing to follow classroom, school, or district policies and procedures will receive the following consequence/s:

    1st occurrence - Student relocated to another area in class.

    2nd  occurrence - 1:1 conference

    3rd occurrence - Parent/Teacher conference (via phone, in person, or email)

    4th  occurrence - Discipline notice/Referral to the Dean

    Please note: I reserve the right to use discretion to adjust my policy as needed, as well as to skip any of the above consequences as appropriate.


    Students must adhere to the following: 


    1. Unexcused Absence- Minus 10 (Plus a Dean Referral)
    2. Minus 2 points each for violation of any (but not limited to) of the following:

    Hair, jewelry, top, bottom, shoes, food/drink or gum, effort, attitude, electronic devices, disruptive behavior, or distractions

    1. Disrespect to other students, adults, or staff will result in a loss of 10 points per occurrence.
    2. Refer to the Technique, Performance, and Choreography Rubric for all assignments 


    1. There will be mandatory after-school rehearsals on Mondays through Thursdays 3:30-6:00pm, and Saturdays. 9:00am-1:00pm, for designated Dance performance groups and Marching Lady Eagles. Attendance at additional rehearsals is mandatory in order to participate in Fine Arts events.
    2. Should a student need to arrive late,  leave early, or be absent from after school rehearsals or performances, please notify the Coordinator of Dance, no later than one week prior to a rehearsal and no later than one month prior to a dance performance. Students who do not adhere to this policy, risk losing the opportunity to participate in performances. Additionally, students who arrive late or leave early from rehearsals or performances will  receive a written referral to the Dean and/or receive a loss of points.
    3. Special Assignments will be given for injured students with a written Doctor’s excuse, who are unable to dance.
    4. Year three and four students must have a “lead” assignment throughout dance year, and demonstrate appropriate leadership by leading by example and adhering to all policy and procedures. Students who do not adhere to this policy, will receive a loss of points.
    5. Year Four students must mentor a year one or two student as a senior assignment.Students who do not adhere to this policy, will receive a loss of points.
    6. All Year Four students must participate in the Senior dance
    7. Year Three students participate in creating a Dance Presentation
    8. Year one through four students must strengthen technique.
    9.  All performers must remain after each performance to clean up and return costumes. Students must be properly and officially dismissed by Mrs. Chatman to receive full points for performance. Students will receive a loss of 10 points per item if any parts of costume is missing for performance and/or upon returning costumes.


    Dance Grades are based on:


    Participation -Must participate in discussion, class activity, dress code compliance. Non- compliance will result in a loss of points, and will adversely impact your grade.


    Disrespect to staff or student will result in loss of points 


    Achievement 100% - Must follow Directions, apply the concept in all dance assignments, and submit neat work on time to earn full points. 


    Extra Credit- To earn up to 20 extra points: Assist with Dance related production preparation and costume wardrobe.


    VIII. Virtual Performances and Field Trips


    Dance students are expected to attend dance field trips and dance workshops (fee involved), as well as additional after school and/or weekend dance rehearsals, when preparing for upcoming SCPHS performances. 


    Performances include SCPHS Winter Concert, a Black Legacy Performance February, and a Spring performance.  Virtual Field trips are TBA.

    Grades are based on the Southland College Preparatory High School grading scale policy. 


    I’m looking forward to an awesome year!


    Dancingly yours, 

    Mrs. Gloria L. Chatman ~ MA, DTR, Finea Arts Department Chairperson

    Mr. Ricky Davis ~ Associate Dance Instructor


    Strong parent-teacher communication is key to student success in the classroom. This syllabus (outlining course requirements and student behavior) is sent home to give a clear view of the expectations and responsibilities in class. Progress and grade reports are sent home. Parents are also contacted by phone, email, or letter when necessary. You may reach me by phone at 708-748-8105 ext. 4154, or by email:  gchatman@scphs.org, Our main source of continuous communication will be via the Google Suites and Band App. Simply download the green app with the lowercase “b”, and join SCPHS Dancers. All students are required to access this app, to receive homework credit and the most updated information. The Band App information may also be accessed online at band.com. Students are responsible for retrieving information. Students will not be excused for not receiving information via any of the above sources of communication.


    Please sign and return the attached sheet to Mrs. Chatman by Tuesday, September 8, 2020, to indicate that you have received, read, and agree to adhere to the Policy and Procedure/Expectations for SCPHS Dance Class.

    Student Name (print) _____________________________________________

    I have read the Dance Class Course Syllabus, Policy, and Procedures, and understand the expectations, requirements and behavioral consequences for this class.


    Parent/Guardian Signature __________________________________________


    Student Signature _________________________________________________


    Current Home Phone ______________________________________________


    Date ___________ Grade _____  Period _____  Year in dance ______



    What is the best way for me to contact you?  Check and complete the information below indicating the best ways for me to get in touch with you.


    _____ e-mail address:           ______________________________________


    _____Work phone number: ______________________________________


    _____Home phone number: ______________________________________


    _____Cell phone number/Text: ______________________________________


    Disregard until further notice:


    I would like to volunteer my services to: Dance Booster Mom/Assistant _____


    Chaperone fieldtrips ____ Assist after-school rehearsals ____ Backstage Help ____


    Classroom Assistance Days/Times __________ Making props/accessories _____


    Costume maintenance Before ____After ____ Before & after ____ performance