• PE 2 is the second phase of Physical Education at Southland. This course is designed for sophomore level students who have already passed PE 1. The course is designed into two week units of various activity and sports. For each unit there will be 3 components. This program will utilize southland facilities as well as the Richton Park Rec Center. 

    Component 1- Participation in the activity (full uniform and participation for all days of the unit)

    Component 2- Study guide and Worksheet (handed out at the beginning of the unit and the worksheet is due at the end of the test)

    Component 3- Unit Test ( The unit test will be done on the last day of the unit) 


    All PE uniforms must be ordered off school Belles

    All Days missed must be made up using makeup from (found in Syllabus) , extended absences will do makeup packet. 


    PE Syllabus


    Please click on link to view Syllabus.....