About SD 162

  • Our Mission

    District 162 is a partnership of home, school, and community whose mission is to inspire a desire for learning.

    School District 162 is comprised of seven schools with a total enrollment of more than 2,900 students in grades pre-K through 8th grade. We are proud of our record of academic achievement. Our Blue Ribbon School, Arcadia Elementary, along with our state spotlight and honor roll schools, join together to form the Southland's most vibrant and dynamic district. Please explore our web site to learn more about 162 and what makes us so proud.



    In the importance of dignity and self-esteem.

    In respecting individual differences.

    In academic excellence.

    In parent involvement in the education process.

    Excellence in education requires excellence in personnel.

    Each individual has the right to a safe environment.

    Special needs result from the changing family structure.

    The District is strengthened by student, staff, and community diversity.

    Excellence in education goes beyond basic academic subjects.

    Technology is an integral part of the instructional process.

    Excellence in education is worth the financial commitment.

    Learning is a lifelong process.

    The school’s primary role is education.

    All people can learn.

    Education is a partnership among home, school, and community.

    Students, parents, and families must be committed and collaborative participants in education.

    Everyone must prepare for changes in society.