The purpose of the Weekly Homework Packet is for students to get daily practice in Math and Reading/Language Arts.  According to research, students who practice reading and math skills daily improve at a faster rate than students who do not practice. Homework is assigned to help students get that daily practice.

    Homework Procedure

    • Students will receive a Weekly Homework Packet on Friday. These assignments are due the following Friday. Packets could include study guides, textbook page numbers for students to study for upcoming tests, workbook pages assigned as practice, and/or unfinished classroom assignments.  STUDENTS ARE NOT TO TEAR ANY PAGES OUT OF THE MATH HOME LINK WORKBOOKS.  They are just to practice, and then they or you can check answers with the answer key in the Family Letter at the beginning of every unit in the Home Link Book.  Students can keep the Home Link books at home.  Then on some Fridays, they will have a quiz based on the information they practiced in the Home Link workbook.
    • Every effort will be made to ensure that students have a clear understanding of the homework. I also remind students at day’s end to pack each book and any supplies they will need.
    • Many students believe that they don’t have homework if there is no written homework. Assignments to read for 20 minutes, re-read a story or chapter from their textbooks, study Math Facts, or practice Spelling/vocabulary words are not written assignments.   However, these “study/practice” assignments are important to help students improve over time, understand better during instruction, and be better prepared for upcoming assessments.
    • Students with more than 3 missing/late/incomplete written assignments (class and homework) in a month will miss school-wide and classroom incentives for that month unless parents have notified me by the assignment due date of any unforeseen circumstances.
    • When students are absent, their assignments are placed in student mailboxes. It is an absent student’s responsibility to get the missed work from his/her mailbox upon return, ask for help if needed, get it done, and turn it in when it's due.
    • Students can buy another copy of the homework packet if they lose it by using their Golden Eagles.
    • The Spelling words for the year are attached below and the Spelling Workbook in PDF form is available under my online Resources, in case you need to print the workbook pages at home.

    Spelling Words for the Year