Library Expectations



    Library Expectations

            While in the library, all students will need to behave appropriately in order to participate in the library services.  Students will need to follow all school rules as stated in the District and Sauk School Handbook. Students will also need to remember to follow the rules stated by their classroom teacher.  Consequences will be given to any student who breaks any of the following rules.  Consequences will follow those listed in the Sauk Handbook.


    Library Rules:

    • R-Return materials on time
    • E- Engage in responsible behavior while in the library
    • A- Active listening and Participation
    • D-Directions need to be followed at all times
    • S- Show respect to others and school property


     *Library books can be checked out for a total of two weeks.  At this time, students will need to either return the book or renew it.  If another student or teacher has placed a hold on the item, it will need to be turned in so the next patron can enjoy the book.  


    *Students will also be able to take AR quizzes during their library time. 


    *Students that have overdue materials will not be able to check out any new materials until the overdue materials have been returned to the library.