Classroom Rules:                                           

    1.  Use walking feet. 

    2.  First try, then ask for help.

    3.  Keep hands to self.

    5.  Clean up toys when done.

    6.  Use nice words, such as please and thank-you. 


    Social Interaction Communication:

    As the children socialize we encourage them to use their words to communicate with one another.  The phrases we are working on daily during these times are:

    1. May I play too?

    2. May I have a turn?

    3. This is my toy.

    4. Do you want to play with me?

    For some of our students with limited speech abilities we shorten the phrases to:

    1. Have turn?

    2. Play too?

    3. Mine.

    4. Play with me?


    As our programming is language based the children are encouraged to ask questions and explore their environment.