• This month in Kindergarten we are focusing on the following themes:  Bears, 100th Day of Kindergarten, Valentine's Day, and Dental Health. 

    Kindergraten will celebrate thier 100th day of school on Thursday, February 11th.  They will participate in several activities centering around the number 100. 

    The week of February 15-19 will be the week of kindness and caring for one another.  We will celebrate Valentine's Day.

     In math we are continuing to practice adding to 10, subtraction to 5, number identification, tally marks, graphing, and measuring.

    Also, we are counting to 100 by 2's, 5's and 10's.



     Daily Schedule:                                                         Special Schedule:

    7:45-8:00  Breakfast and Morning Work                       Monday:  Music  

    8:00-8:30 Morning meeting and Calendar                     Tuesday:  Art

    8:30-8:45  Micheal Heggarty                                        Wednesday:  Library

    8:45-8:50  Journal Writing                                           Thursday:  PE

    8:50-9:40  Reading Block                                             Friday:  Technology

    9:40-10:00  Break

    10:00-10:40  Special 

    10:45-11:30  Math Block

    11:30-12:00  Center Activity

    12:00-12:40  Independent work centers

    12:40-1:20  Lunch

    1:20-1:45  Small Group meetings

    1:45-2:00  Free time Activities