• Music Class Expectations

    Music class is the kind of class where things can routinely get noisy, and yet listening is an important part. And because, unlike most academic courses, music is dependent on time, it is vitally important that time not be wasted. Proper behavior and lack of distraction, then, is paramount for success.

    With this in mind, I have one primary expectation from students: Don't do anything that could cause a problem. Of course, to avoid being overly-vague, I have extrapolated 6 rules, listed to the right, and to ensure that students remember, we chan them daily (in shortened versions): Follow directions; raise your hand; keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself; stay in your seat; be nice; no food, drink, or gum.

    Violation of these rules will result in, initially, a warning. Should the behavior continue, a student will be removed from the rest of the class while he or she works (in some cases by writing an explanation) to discover and formulate a way to improve. If the behavior continues after that, it will result in communication with parents, either through a form that must be signed and returned, or a phone call.

    On the other hand, when classes do not have warnings or time-outs, they can earn points toward activity days where they can play their choice of several music games.


    Grading in music class is done through a combination of periodic assessments on materials learned (sometimes written, sometimes involving singing or playing an instrument), and regular participation grades. It is important to note that behavior and participation are not the same. Some students sometimes misbehave but still participate; and likewise, some who behave very well do not participate. Grades reflect participation and demonstration of learning only.

    Listen and follow directions
    Raise your hand (or press the "Raise Hand" button when online) before speaking
    Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself (away from others in the school building, and away from your computer keyboard -- unless using it -- if at home)
    Stay in your seat (or on camera if online)
    Be nice
    No food, drink, or gum.