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    Classroom News -April 2020


    IMPORTANT--The stay at home order has been extended to 4-30-2020.

    Parents and Students,

    On behalf of Mrs. Lisota and myself, we want to let you know how much we miss all of you and hope your families are healthy and safe.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about Remind or Google Classroom.

    Thank you,

    Mrs. McKee and Mrs. Lisota 








    The students continue to work so hard every day and are learning so much.  We are preparing the students for the IAR assessment coming up at the end of March.  Please continue to practice their addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts with your child at home.   In addition, we are working on fractions, comparing fractions, equivalent fractions, area, and perimeter.  It would be greatly appreciated to review these skills with your child nightly.  Math homework is given Monday-Thursday and these skills will be on all of the homework.

    Mrs. Lisota and I are so fortunate to have a wonderful class this year.  The students come prepared to learn daily and it is a pleasure to be their teachers.

    Once again, Mrs. Lisota and I are delighted with our students and we thank you for sharing them with us! I know that by working together we can achieve great things. 

Weekly Assignments



    This school year I will be teaching math for our class and for Mrs. Landingham's students.  There is so much to learn in third grade math.  Students will learn new ways to add and subtract.  They will tackle multiplication and division for the first time.  We will be learning our multiplication facts up to 10's.  Hopefully, later in the school year we will cover 11's and 12's as well.  Your child will be responsible for daily homework Mon.-Thurs. weekly.  These assignments will always reflect the lesson that we have learned in the classroom.  However, if the math becomes challenging at home please feel free to write me a note and do only the parts of the homework that you and your child feel comfortable completing.  In early March we will start to prepare for the PARCC test.  Thirs grade is the first year that your child will take this assessment.  The PARCC math test will include, bar graphs, pictographs, addition/subtraction regrouping, fractions, multiplication and division.  I On this site, I have included all of the links to the homework pages and the parent's page that introduces each unit in the EveryDay Math series.   If you feel your child is struggling in math please feel free to contact me for extra practice sheets.