1. Keep your mask on
    2. Ask questions
    3. Respect and listen to ALL teachers and classmates
    4. Raise your hand to speakv
    5. Be prepared for class
    6. Be quiet when the teacher and/or classmates are talking    
    7. Share new ideas
    8. Keep your hands to yourself
    9. Respect others’ property
    10. Keep your workspace tidy
    11. Be kind
    12. Always do your best
    13. Walk, don’t run, in the hallways
    14. Be a good friend
    15. Be on time
    16. Use equipment properly
    17. Obey all school rules
    18. Finish your homework on time
    19. Be respectful of classmates who are working
    20. Have a good attitude
    21. Use positive language
    22. Follow the dress code
    23. Line up neatly, quietly, and socially distanced
    24. Stay in your seat and space 6 feet from others at all times
    25. Listen with your ears and your eyes
    26. Contribute to discussions
    27. Be respectful of others’ ideas
    28. Follow the teacher’s directions the first time they are given
    29. Cooperate with your classmates
    30. Be creative
    31. Be honest
    32. Use technology appropriately
    33. Be proud of your work