• Happy Fall!  





    • Please remember to sign the assignment notebook every night to check homework and behavior. 
    • Bring a healthy snack and water to class everyday.
    • Practice those math facts and read every night!! 
    • Graded papers go home every Monday in the Monday Graded Papers Folder. *This must be signed that you saw all graded papers and any papers that need to be fixed must be signed and returned for a better grade.       
    • Staley the Bear comes Thursday to Arcadia!    
    • Don't forget about your Teddy Bear craft. Arcadia would like to display them in the main hallway. 
    • October Book It is due Thursday, October 31st         








  • Reading/Spelling

    This week we will read Aero and Officer Mike. We will review fact and opinion. The test will be on Friday containing comprehension, vocabulary, and skills. 



    Every Monday we will take a pretest on the Spelling words. If your child passes the pretest with 100%, they do not need to take the test on Friday. They will complete the dictation sentences.

    If there is no school on Monday, the pretest will be on Tuesday or decided by the teacher.

    Spelling packets are due every Friday. 


    You can find all of the spelling and vocabulary words on my page.



  •  Math

    Please practice your math facts every night.

    There is a quiz every Friday on the Math Common Core morning work. 

    Our class is studying multiplication. Please begin to practice times 0, 1, 2, 5, and 10.

    We will introduce elapsed time.




















  • Language

    The students complete a daily journal everyday. 

    We will introduce common and proper nouns.


    We will begin to learn the 6 Traits of Writing. 


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    Social Studies/Science

    The students love to read the Scholastic News and talk about current events. Our class has discussions and we share many different opinions. Our class will be exploring maps and geography. We will also be exploring the Nature of Science.