• Week of February 18, 2019

    Welcome back from the long weekend!

    This week in reading we will continue working with vocabulary words and story content for Lesson 18, "Me and Uncle Romie."  We will test on the story this Friday.  

    In Spelling, tested our Lesson18 words and will begin our next set of words next Monday.

    In Math, we are focusing on Fractions.  We have covered unit fractions, naming fractional parts of single wholes and of sets, and have learned to name and identify points on a number line.  This week we will add to these skills and will begin to create and identify equivalent fractions, and then we will begin to compare unequal fractions. 

    We are also continuing our weekly PARCC practice activities to make sure that the students are prepared for the test format and the test vocabulary when we take the PARCC test this March.