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    Ms. Ware, E/LA Teacher

    Gifted English/Language Arts - Grade 8 -  MyPerspectives  - Required Textbook 

    Course Guidelines and Expectations for Remore Learning:

    - Do your best work.  A job worth doing is worth doing well.

    - Be responsible.  

    - Follow all directions the first time given.

    -Students should have their camera on and should be muted unless otherwise instructed.

    -Please refrain from eating on camera during class time.

    -Attendance will be taken each day in every class.  Students ar expected to be on time.

    -The same behavioral expectations of in-person learning applies to remote learning. All students are to follow all team, school and district rules as they are outlined in the O.w. Huth and Matteson School District Handbooks.

    - Students should use Google Classroom to communicate with their teachers as well as submit assignments.

    - Confidentiality of all should be respected at all times.  Students should not be recording, videotaping or transmitting any part of virtual lessons.

    Grades and Assignments:

    - All assignments are calculated in percent form.  The percentage coincides with the district's grading system.

    A:  100-93, B:  92-87, C:  86-78, D:  77-70, F:  69 - Below


    Please check Power School weekly for your child's current English/Language Arts grade.  Please feel to contact me at 748-0470 x 2775 or by email at sware@sd162.org.