• Dear Parents, Guardians, and Students,

    Welcome to a new and exciting 2020 - 2021 school year!  Our names are Dionisia Mikroulis and Jordan Fitzer and we are your child’s 8th grade math team.  We are anticipating a year full of learning and enjoying the mathematical process.  We hold high expectations for each and every student.  We have a passion and love for teaching that will never end.  Every year the students teach us something new, just as much as we teach them.   

    As always we look forward to your cooperation in guiding, encouraging, and supporting our children and making this a wonderful school year!

    Below you can read through the classroom rules and procedures that will be followed throughout the year.  


    Classwork Assignments:  

    • All classwork assignments are expected to be completed during the instructional time given.  
    • If classwork is not completed at the end of class it may be assigned as additional homework for completion.
    • Work is graded in a two part process:  half of the credit comes from the showing work associated with the given problem, the second part comes from arriving at the correct answer.

    Homework Assignments:

    • Homework is assigned daily.
    • Grades

    Late Assignments:  

    • Late Assignments will lose one point value for each day that the assignment is late.
    • All assignments are due on the day of that Topic's test.  No late assignments will be accpeted after the Topic test has been taken. 


    When you are absent, please remember it is YOUR responsibility to see what you missed while you were gone.  Furthermore, if a student is absent the school district policy will be followed. If a child is absent due to a school activity, they are responsible to turn in the work due that day and to get the work from that day prior to the end of the school day.


    Quizzes will be given at the end of each topic.  Tests will be given at the end of each unit.


    A 100% - 93%

    B 92% - 87%

    C 86% - 78%

    D 77% - 70%

    F 69%  or less


    Tests/ Projects 35%

    Quizzes 25%

    Classwork 30%

    Homework 10%


    Loose-leaf paper

    Pencils (you can never have too many)

    Spiral notebook for MATH ONLY!!!

    1” Binder

    5 binder dividers

    Box of Kleenex

    Colored Pencils/Pens

    Hand Sanitizer

    TI 30 Calculator



    1. Students are to enter the classroom in an orderly manner, heading directly to their seat.
    2. Students are to take out their assignment notebooks and copy down the homework for the day.
    3. Students are to start their “Do Now”. Pencils are to be sharpened during the “Do Now” time only.  It is recommended to have multiple pencils ready.
    4. At the end of class, students will be instructed when to line up to move to the next class.  This is to be done silently and quickly.


    1. They will need to use their planner to leave the classroom.
    2. Students receive two bathroom passes per day.
    3. Students are to only leave when it is student work time, not while instruction is going on.
    4. Only one Knight at a time may leave the room.


    PowerSchool provides instant visibility to assignments, scores, grades, comments, and progress for each student.  It is imperative that parents/guardians access their account by signing up in order to receive these updates.

    We look forward to working together with regard to this educational experience.  We have discussed this plan with your child and will post it in the classroom as well.  We would, however, appreciate if you would review this with him/her as well.

    We look forward to a successful and fun 8th grade year!  Please feel free to contact us with and questions and/or concerns that may arise.  We can be reached at Huth Middle School by email or by phone.  We are more readily able to access our email account thereby giving a more rapid response.  


    Thank you in advance for all your help this year,

    Dionisia Mikroulis



    Jordan Fitzer



    (708) 748-0470