Daily assignments will be given and expected to be submitted on the given due date.  


    Grading Policy 

    Students should always show their work. Partial credit for incorrect answers may be given when the process is correct.

    Tests/Projects:  35%

    Quizzes:            25%

    Classwork:        30%

    Homework:       10%


    Power School provides access to real-time information on assignments and grades. Grades are updated on a weekly basis through PowerSchool. I will send emails via PowerSchool to inform parents of assignments, upcoming tests, projects and grades. It is important that parents sign up to receive these notifications.


    Board Approved Grading Scale:

    100% – 93%             A

    92% - 88%               B

    87% - 78%               C

    77% - 70%               D

    69% - 0%                 F 



     If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.  I look forward to a successful school year!


    Mrs. Robin Phillips, M.Ed.


    708-748-0470 X2804