• Remote Class Expectations:

    • Follow directions the FIRST time they are given.
    • Log into class on time and be prepared to work, learn, and contribute.
    • Be seated in an appropriate location.
    • Dress appropriately for school.
    • Raise your hand to speak and wait to be called on by the teacher.
    • Use the chat feature to ask questions and/or address concerns.
    • Listen and be respectful when others speak about items pertaining to class.
    • Stay on task to ensure you are getting the most from the material.
    • Take an active part in ensuring you understand all that is required of you.


    District Grading Scale:

    A        93 – 100

    B        87 – 92

    C       78 – 86

    D       70 – 77

    F        0 – 69


    Percentages used to calculate grade:

    Test/Projects               35%

    Quizzes                       25%

    Class assignments       30%

    Homework                  10%


    During your 8th grade year in math, we will explore the following concepts/units:

    • The Number System (Real Numbers* (Rational and Irrational Numbers))
    • Expressions and Equations (Linear Equations*, Exponent Rules*, Scientific Notation, and Linear Systems)
    • Functions*
    • Geometry (Congruency*, Similarity*, Pythagorean Theorem, and Formulas)
    • Statistics (Scatter Plots) 

    We will use Google Classroom to complete assignments/tasks and discussions to learn more about these concepts.

    You will also complete assignments in Digits, Study Island, and Exact Path to further your comprehension and mastery of these and review skills.

    Other tools and resources will be used as needed.