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    On your mark, set, go!


    7th grade English/ Language Arts

    Mrs. Amie Leib

    ***Literature (Fiction & Non-fiction Text)








    Students will be expected to bring the following to class each day:

    1)  Two pocket folder/ binder

    2)   Pens (black/blue) /Pencils/ Highlighter

    3) Spiral notebook

    4) My Perspectives on Chrome book

    Grading Methods and Standards
    We will use the following grading scale:


    100-93 = A

    92-87 = B

    86-78 = C

    77-70 = D

    69-0= F


    Grades will be determined on the basis of points accumulated by the student.

    Point totals will vary from quarter to quarter.



    In class there will be homework, readings, quizzes, tests and participation grades. Assignments vary in point value according to complexity and difficulty. All work is expected to be completed in blue/black ink or pencil. You should maintain an organized folder/binder of all handouts and handed back papers, quizzes, and homework.


    Dating and titling your entries is very important.


    Class Participation

    This is an important part of your grade. Participation includes answering questions, reading aloud, and making positive contributions to the class.


    *Students are responsible for their own work at ALL TIMES!


    General Class Reminders

    Tardy: Students are expected to be in their seat at the beginning of class.

    All materials should be ready to go.

    Safety: Students will keep hands, feet, and objects to themselves. Students will also remain in their seat unless otherwise instructed.

    Respect: Always respect your teacher and peers in this class.



    Absence(s), Make-Up Work, and Late Work

    In order to learn, you must be present in class. If you are absent you are responsible to find out what assignment(s) you missed. Assignment information will be posted daily for your convenience. For each day you are absent, you will have one day for make-up work.


    Late assignments: Assignments are due at the beginning of the period unless otherwise directed.


    Closing Remarks:

    I’m very excited to be your teacher this year! This year will be successful if you are positive, focused, and prepared. Remember, I am available for extra help after school. Please do not hesitate to ask.



    If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me at (708) 748-0470 ext. 2777 or at aleib@sd162.org.