Class Expectations

  • Welcome to Mrs. Fitzgerald's Class

    Welcome Letter-

    All students have a received a copy of my Welcome Letter on  August 28, 2018

    A copy of the welcome letter is in the class handouts section.

    Copies of the homework will be downloaded here when possible.


    Classroom Expectations

    Try Your Best

    Be Respectful

    Be Safe

    Follow Directions

    Follow School Rules and Procedures



    Assignments and assessments completed in class make up the highest percentage of each students grade.

    Students should always try their best and participate in classroom projects and activities.



    • Completed by assigned due date. 
    • Homework turned in late is worth half credit.
    • Homework not turned is worth zero points.
    • Homework will be assigned Monday-Thursday
    • Homework on Fridays will consist of reading independently at home.  
    • Students are expected to read a minimun of two books per quarter and to take the AR quiz for each book.


    Schoolwide Classroom Management

    • 1st Offense-Verbal Reminder
    • 2nd Offense-Verbal Warning-Discussion Think Sheet
    • 3rd Offense-Change of Seat/Work Location 
    • 4th Offense-Alternate work location outside of classroom
    • Referral to Administrative Staff