Classroom Rules

    1. Follow the Golden rule: Treat others the way you want to be treated.
    2. Let the teacher teach
    3. Follow directions right away
    4. Listen when others are talking
    5. Keep, hands, feet, and objects to yourself

    Classroom Management

    1. Verbal Warning
    2. Conference with Student
    3. Change Seat
    4. Removal from Class/Parent Contact
    5. Referral


    1. Entering Classroom- Students will line up outside the teachers door and enter the classroom when directed, sit in their seat, and prepare to complete the Do Now.
    2. Do Now/Beginning of class- students will complete the Do Now as teacher takes attendance, collects papers, or handouts papers.
    3. Coming to Attention- Teacher will raise hand to get class attention.
    4. Leaving Classroom- At the end of class, students will line up single file and silently which will indicate their readiness to go into the hallway. During class, students will leave the class with a pass and not cause a disruption.
    5. Permission to Get Out of Seat During Class- Students will raise their hand and wait for the teacher to acknowledge them/call on them.
    6. Getting Help from the Teacher During Class- Student will raise their hand and teacher will assist the student with his/her question or concern.
    7. Absences/Extra Worksheets- Students will go to the designated area to pickup missing/make up work.
    8. Passes- Passes will only be given for emergency situations. Students are encouraged to use the bathroom at the designated times. Passes will not be given to go back to lockers. If a student needs to go to the bathroom, the teacher will allow when it is not disrupting the learning environment.