• Please remember that school starts promptly at 7:45 a.m.. All students should be unpacked and in their seat ready to learn. School dismisses at 2:15. All walkers/car riders/day care will be in the gym for sign out daily.

    All students need a healthy snack, light folder and take home folder daily. Healthy snacks do not include chips or cookies. Please remember to review your child's color daily and discuss positive choices with your child. Be sure to praise them for positive choices as well.

    All students will have library books and homework weekly, starting in September. Please be sure homework and library books are turned in weekly by Thursday. If it is done early, your child can turn it into our homework bin above the student mailboxes. Please keep the folder at home, along with the homework, until it is fully completed.

    Continue to read daily for our baggie book program. Each child will read twice a week as long as they are prepared with their doc-it, including their word cards and book. All words will be entered in school. Continue to practice sight words daily also!

    All students are welcome to celebrate birthdays, but please contact me to arrange a good time for delivery of treats.

    Our main classroom expectation is to simply enter happy, willing to learn, make new friends and enjoy our learning environment while accepting all other students in our classroom!

    Kindness, teamwork and acceptance is crucial to our positive learning environment.