Southland's Academic Program

  • Southland’s academic model is designed to achieve our mission: to prepare all graduates for academic success in college and to see them through to persist and to graduate from college. This is grounded in our belief that all children can achieve their highest potential, given a challenging program with high expectations, excellent teachers, and support from their family and peers.

    Southland’s model has three essential characteristics to achieve its college preparation goal: a longer nine-hour school day, small classes and individualized attention that addresses deficits early and builds on students’ strengths, and a rigorous curriculum that balances core subjects with 21st century electives and opportunities to learn beyond the classroom. Our students graduate with at least 30 credits, significantly more than what is typically required in traditional high schools.

    We expect excellence of our students. To help them achieve our lofty goals, we provide them with support. Our model’s extended learning time is key to ensuring our faculty can provide every student with targeted instructional assistance for students to remove deficiencies and build upon strengths. We rely on frequent assessment to identify students’ needs and measure progress, and continuous improvement is central to our approach. Additional academic support is provided through a Saturday Enrichment Program, Summer Academy for new students, and the BOOST program which provides intensive ACT preparation during the school day. Our demanding program is delivered within a warm, family-like environment, in which students support each other (read the Southland Creed, recited each morning at Family Meeting).

  • Our Curriculum

    The Southland curriculum is rigorous, with high expectations for every student. Our mission of college preparation is built into every aspect of our curriculum, beginning the first day of ninth grade. Our course of study is aligned to college and career readiness standards Courses include both honors and Advanced Placement classes in core content areas. Our students use 21st century classroom tools, including digital portfolios and technology-enabled collaborative learning.

    The program requires:

    • Four years of English, math, science, social studies, technology, and physical education
    • No less than three years of fine arts and world language
    • 21st century technology, Computer Science, Broadcast Journalism, and Digital publishing


    Read more in our Curriculum Guide...Coming Soon.